The hospital funding crisis…. and sleeping in a waiting room – the NHS this week

By Richard Grimes


A private Surrey-based ambulance company, E-Zec, is to take over the contract to transport hundreds of NHS patients a day across North Staffordshire to hospital.

A terminally ill pensioner missed a potentially life-changing hospital appointment at Bognor Hospital because the transport provided by the private company Coperforma did not turn up.


People are being advised to use alternatives to A&E at the Royal Stoke University Hospital if their condition is not an emergency.

A patient was told by staff at Queen Alexandra Hospital in Cosham that patients could either leave or sleep overnight in a waiting room as no-one would be seen for seven hours.

Walsgrave Hospital in Coventry is warning city residents to attend A&E only if they have a real medical emergency. The trust has missed the A&E four-hour target for six months in a row.

Northampton General Hospital reported a huge increase in patient numbers at A&E and is asking people to avoid using the emergency department.


  • Patients suffering acute psychiatric conditions in south Cumbria are to be offered care at home after health bosses announced the closure of a secure inpatient ward, the Kentmere Unit, at Westmorland General Hospital in Kendal. The trust running the hospital says that the ward’s mixed sex accommodation was the principal reason behind the decision to close it.
  • People in Wantage fear that Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust plans to shut the town’s community hospital. The hospital is currently closed due to legionella, but campaigners fear the infection will be used to permanently close the hospital “by the back door”.
  • George Eliot Hospital in Nuneaton has opened up an urgent care centre to ease the number of patients attending A&E after the CCG closed a local walk-in centre.
  • The Baytrees Residential Detox Centre, at St James’ Hospital in Portsmouth, has now been shut after a long campaign to try and keep it open.
  • Ealing CCG has decided to close Ealing Hospital’s children’s ward.
  • Hyper-acute stroke services have been closed at Bedford Hospital and insiders have blamed the ongoing uncertainty which surrounds the hospital’s future.
  • The planned downgrade of the A&E department at Dewsbury District Hospital has been postponed until next year.


Tory MP Hugo Swire was booed and jeered by a crowd of nearly 250 people as he said that hospital officials denied Ottery Saint Mary Hospital in North Devon would be sold off by the NHS.

Nearly 3,000 people have signed petitions in a bid to save Hinckley Hospital from closure by West Leicestershire CCG.

An online petition against plans to turn Grantham Hospital‘s A&E department into an urgent care centre has already been signed by more than 1,500 people.

More than 120 bikers joined a demonstration calling for Chorley And South Ribble Hospital’s A&E department to be reopened.

A petition to save Keswick hospital from closure has achieved over 35,000 signatures.

Medics at Hinchingbrooke Hospital are being invited to wear pink as a sign of unity in opposition to a proposed merger with a Peterborough health trust.

Hospital trust deficits

2 thoughts on “The hospital funding crisis…. and sleeping in a waiting room – the NHS this week

  1. Finally I think it has begun to filter into the national awareness just how far the privatisation of the NHS has now gone. The Junior Doctor’s strike has at least achieved that. And also of course the parliamentary rebellion over the insidious Transatlantic Trade and Investment ‘Partnership’, which would have meant handing over large sections of the NHS to the notorious American healthcare system. When he founded the NHS in 1948, Nye Bevan knew that it would take the strong will of the British people to keep it safe from the circling sharks of private finance and profit-driven corporations.
    It is really is up to all of us to do everything we can to see that the NHS is preserved in public hands, and to maintain the principle of healthcare based on need, not ability to pay, which it was founded.


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