Sentinel News brings together journalists, experts and professionals from all policy areas – from economics, social policy, health, education, criminal justice, social work and social care. We do not frame the truth through the prism of party allegiance and we do not write poverty porn.

Sentinel News keeps watch on how policy is developing and the impact it has. We bring you original, researched, high quality and relevant news and analysis. We do not rehash press releases or wire copy. And we do not sit in Westminster tea rooms talking to disgruntled backbenchers and calling it news.

We are not a charitable project, but at the outset we are operating on a free access basis with a view to adopting a subscription model later on.

If you are a professional and you would like to contribute, please do get in touch – your expertise, knowledge and experience is precisely what we are interested in. We are here to change the way that economic and social policy is reported, in order to change the way they are understood.

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